Sunday, July 10

To put or not to put the Strips, that was the Question
I'm not posting about Anne Hathaway's look for the White Fairytale Love Ball because I liked it. I thought it was a big mess in the shape of a sparkly meringue. I am more interested on talking about the dress, regardless of how Anne wore it.

If you have watched 'Valentino, the Last Emperor' and, like me, you are fans of the film (documentary-wise it's a lot more honest than 'The September Issue') you might have realised that Anne's dress is the one from Garavani's s/s06 Couture collection over which he throws a fit in the film.
Valentino had intentionally left those gaps between the strips of sparkly ruffles and his team advised him to add a few more because it looked unfinished, with which he disagreed. I tried to find the clip but all I could find an extract in the film's trailer. It only lasts for a couple of seconds from minute 1:05 but it's there.
The dress stayed the way Garavani originally wanted (who would dare to say otherwise) and that's how Anne wore it. And anecdote aside, I just don't see the big deal about the dress. Do you?

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