Tuesday, August 16

Charlotte Casiraghi covers Vogue Paris’ September Issue
As I was buying some magazines at Madrid airport this afternoon I realised I had most likely missed the release of all the important September issue covers, which is pretty bad timing. After an unexpected but not unwelcome Internet-less week in Cape Verde I have lots to catch up with.

Before tomorrow's round-up of my favourites I thought September's Vogue Paris deserved special mention. Charlotte Casiraghi shot by Mario Testino covers the issue with messy hair and a smoky eye. I really love this because it was pretty unexpected. Vogue Paris is one of the few really big publications that still uses models on its cover for the most part of the year. Which is why some people have criticised the choice. But I disagree, évidemment. If there was ever a time for something different that is September. Not to mention this is Emmanuelle's first and she had to make an impact.
The editorial inside is extensive to say the least. Charlotte wears in her famous effortless way over a dozen pieces from the FW11 collections. I also loved the fact that she was shot in a number of locations, it must have taken forever to shoot.



Distraction said...

Love the layout of the cover, beautiful face with a contrasting grunge look although her face looks a bit too long here overall, still love it

Joy said...

Stunning cover. I don't care too much for Monaco-n royalty or Testino but this is one cover too good to pass up. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for this. Thanks for the heads up!