Thursday, October 6

Gossip Girl Fashion- ‘Beauty and the Feast’
I should know by now that the first episode of each Gossip Girl season is always really good fun but the episode that follows usually disappoints... 'Beauty and the Feast' is not a very eventful episode. We do get to see the last of the cast in LA, which I already said last week I enjoyed, but everything else is otherwise very blah.
What's not blah at all is the Serena's only outfit in this episode. If a van der Woodsen is not going to change three or four times she might as well make an impression with just the one outfit.
Coral and turquoise look so great on her so I'm glad she keeps wearing both. The jacket, which I first thought was this Vanessa Bruno one Rachel Bilson wore months ago, it actually Top Shop. I loved the fact that it was cropped so they paired it up with a high-waisted super short skirt and a striped tank top. And I loved the accessories even more –muted suede Prada sandals, an aquamarine Mulberry 'Taylor' bag, and (my favourite) a pair of Oscar de la Renta earrings with coral, green and turquoise stones. The only thing I wasn't too keen on were the two big flower rings, one also by Oscar, that were just a tad too much!
GGs05e02c, SaksFifthAvenue, Mulberry,, Net-a-Porter
Blair's looks weren't as good as in the last episode but I stand by what I said about her grown-up style being a lot more chic than before. For the first part of the episode she wears one of Stella McCartney's famous citrus skirts from SS12. And I loved that she went over the top and kept the citrus vibe alive with a yellow ruffled silk top, an orange handbag and orange Brian Atwood pumps.
I realised I failed to comment on Blair's new hair colour this season. It's so chocolate! But it doesn't always look great. It depends so much on the colours she's wearing, which is a bit of a shame... But it looks amazing throughout this whole episode.
My favourite look this time was this very subtle golden brocade dress by Prada. It fit her like a glove and she kept it very simple but chic with aquamarine earrings and and a pearl colour tube clutch.
The third look was supposed to be some sort of laid-back pyjama ensemble but, of course, it's Blair so there's only so relaxed you can go. No trackie bottoms. Instead, Blair wears a sleeveless silk printed shirt that I really wish they made with a long sleeve for men. I would wear it with a blazer.
It looks like now that she's expecting and marrying a prince she's really stepping the fashion up. It was about time!


Meera said...

This episode was my absolute favorite! Blair looked incredible in that Stella skirt.
Honestly, every post on your blog is fantastic! I have been looking over the archives, and I absolutely love everything. <3


Haya_m said...

Beatrice's resemblance to charlotte casiraghi !!!! Where did they find this girl? Honestly I still have not made up my mind about what I think of this haha