Thursday, October 20

Gossip Girl Fashion- ‘Memoirs of an invisible Dan’GGs05e4
This season of Gossip Girl is being a rollercoaster. I loved last week's episode but 'Memoirs of an invisible Dan' was so dull! I could cope with an uneventful episode if, like they used to, Serena and Blair would change four or five times during the day but it seems this season we're not getting more than a change of clothes.
Serena, who I'm happy to say is still the best dressed, looked amazing in a Yigal Azrouel dress that she wore with amazing snakeskin YSL wedges and a Jody Candrian cuff was the perfect example of a day-to-night look. Once she took off the chunky cardi she was ready for a cocktail. I also loved her 'relaxed' look with the sequinned Haute Hippy skirt and the cozy tank top.
Blair had a hit and a miss this week. The hit was the Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 print dress with the chiffon hemline that she wore with a stunning Prada bag. The miss was her evening look –a Peter Som SS10 dress with a beautiful textured top that was spoiled by the ragged silk skirt that looked really cheap. It was less conservative than normal but I wasn't keen on it.

There's little else to report on the rest of the characters. Liz Hurley keeps looking hot but exactly the same as every week, the boys are looking good but not trying hard enough, not even Chuck. And Lily had two hits but she's got so little screen time we barely have time to enjoy them.

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haya_m said...

What!!! This has been such a good episode (in my opinion) so much drama!

"Chuck has found his true calling as a dog carer" love it inaki you never fail to make me lol!