Thursday, February 2

Lana del Rey covers the new British Vogue!
Lana del Rey covers the new British Vogue!
British Vogue has finally done it!! They have not only delivered a brilliant new cover but they have also managed to be ahead of American Vogue for once. And they have Lana del Rey to thank for it. Lana, shot by Mario Testino, covers the March issue of the magazine in a yellow Louis Vuitton number from the SS12 collection. The magazine has now featured the main two spring collections so it'll be interesting to see what's on the April cover.
The timing of the issue is, of course, perfect as Lana's album has been released this week after months of buzz about it. I haven't had a chance to listen to it in full but its reviews are really good! There has also been a lot of talk about where she comes from and what she did before but, honestly, I couldn't care less. If no one cared about Lady Gaga's why should we care about Lana's past? She is stunning and there is something so intriguing about her eyes. I love everything about her and I hope to be seeing great moments of her on the red carpet. After all, she started off quite well –you might remember her Prabal Gurung moment a few weeks ago or her super chic Antonio Berardi look in her 'Born to Die' video.

Are you a fan?

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