Saturday, June 30

Fragrance campaign face-off- Kristen Stewart vs. Blake Lively
Fragrance campaign face-off: Kristen Stewart vs. Blake Lively
These two super anticipated campaigns are now out. I must say that I usually am never particularly keen on fragrance campaigns because there's always too much going on, they're too mainstream. However, this doesn't go for the Florabotanica (great name too) and Gucci Première campaigns.
I have thought from day one that Kristen Stewart is the most brilliant match for Balenciaga, by Steven Meisel. She looks cool and relaxed in Balenciaga clothes and gives everything her own spin. And I love her in the new perfume ad because not only the artwork is beautiful – they should make wallpaper – but I'm happy to see Kristen wearing the same Balenciaga SS08 dress from my favourite collection. It is, incidentally, the same look Jennifer Connelly wore 4 years ago on the campaign for the house.
Blake Lively has been making such perfect fashion choices over the last few days that I feel like it's the perfect time for this to come out. She always looks better when she channels a bit of old Hollywood glamour from the 50's – wavy blond hair, beauty spot, long-sleeved dresses with open back. All notes Gucci and Mert & Marcus struck for their Première ad. It's incredibly beautiful because it's simple.


Anonymous said...

I voted for Balenciaga, it's more original and creative. I feel like we've seen the Gucci ad a million times.

Meera said...

I absolutely love both campaigns! Kirsten Stewart looks wonderful in the Balenciaga advertisement, though. She is the perfect match for the edgy brand.


Anonymous said...

I VOTE FOR balenciaga too, look cool pretty anf fresh and kristen stewart is the perfect choice, gucci is what we see over and over again in perfume campgne even if is pretty look boring and repetitive