Thursday, July 5

Armani Privé- Couture Supernova
Armani Privé: Couture Supernova
Courtesy of Armani
Before Raf Simons came into the picture this season Mr Armani was the only designer creating super luxurious but modern pieces for the couture week in Paris. I was so glad when he finally joined the circuit with his Privé line several seasons ago. The clean lines and the number of trousers he puts on the runway are so refreshing to me.
This season Giorgio Armani has stuck to his guns, which have proved so successful to date. But we saw quite a lot of daywear – couture daywear, which is the ultimate luxury. High-waisted silk trousers , lightweight organza or silk tops and sky-coloured blazer make perfect choices for a brunch.
One of my favourite things about the collection was the palette from space – nebulas, stars, galaxies and the explosion of mauves, lilacs, purples, pinks and blues of a supernova. An extremely chic choice. My other favourite were the veils, which looked like pieces of art perfectly befitting a gala ball à la Blade Runner. I always love the futuristic aspect in all the Privé collections.

What did you think of the Armani Privé collection?

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