Tuesday, July 24

Kirsten Stewart & Charlize Theron cover the new Interview Russia
Kristen Stewart & Charlize Theron cover the new Interview Russia
Another great cover from Interview Russia! I'm obsessed with some of the international versions of Interview and Vogue at the moment. And I love how they play with their own material and with reprint with the European and American versions. This time they have taken one of the stills from the June/July issue of the original American Interview shot by Mikael Jansson. I actually like this version a lot more than the original and I love what they've done with the colours and the title detail.
Kristen looks super pissed off here but I like it, it's a bit bad ass. The composition actually reminds me a bit of the June 2011 cover of W featuring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. There is something so nice about this kind of crop. I just love everything about this cover!

What do you think?

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