Thursday, January 10

OH Jessica!

First of, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. I have been going crazy moving back to Barcelona, I never imagined unpacking could be such a nightmare. I'm settled back down here for at least six months, so your coolness source is once again back to regular business.

This just made me incredibly happy! Jessica Alba playing it stylish as ever on this month's ELLE issue. Can you imagine an ELLE without Keira? I'm glad she's vanished for at least one cover. Jessica is the best substitute they could possibly find. The pictures obviously have a few months (no noticeable belly) but who cares about that? I find the shoot a little poor, but ELLE rarely has outstanding photography. The styling shines more than anything except Alba, specially two of the looks. First, a t-shirt by Dolce & Gabbana combined with a beautiful linen and silk skirt by Brian Reyes. The chain belt by Lanvin and the studded belt by Streets Ahead give the final and perfect touch to the look. Wondering what to wear to look perfect all-day-long? There you go. Now, for the second look I really enjoyed the fact that their choice was a rock-n-roll outfit just they way I love it on women. In my book, there aren't a lot of sexier manières of dressing a woman. Gucci signs the tags for the gorgeous python jacket, the silk and cotton pants and the patent leather boots I included in one of my Christmas specials. Perfection comes to an end with the sequin hooded sleeveless tank top by master Emporio Armani and the rings by Cartier. That's the picture perfect of my ideal woman. So I'll keep dreaming.

[Credit photos & info: JustJared and]

I'm off.


Coco's Tea Party said...

I liked this shoot, it's nothing 'special' but for ELLE which only ever shots infornt of a white background it is cute
SOOOOOO glad it isn't Keria, I'm bored of her.

M_O_S said...

i love the gucci pants! they are just perfect with the plain black jacket!

keep it up amigo!

Mash said...

Jessica Alba is sooooo beautiful in those pictures :)