Sunday, February 15


Even though Men's Fashion Week came and went and the shows occurring at the moment in NYC should be entirely devoted to womenswear, there has been some room for the last of men's collections. I present you with my two favourites and with Antonio Azzuolo, an Italian designer whose creations seem almost custom-made pour moi and my best buddy —Chuck Bass, that is. Have a look.
Sartorial at its best. Elements from different fashion epochs merge to create these extremely up-to-date collection with a touch of Italian cool and exquisite tailoring.

Give me some rolled-up trousers and a semi-loose cardigans and I am on board. Loden Dager was all about simple ensembles brought to life by means of a subtle game of textures and colours. It does feel a bit too springy but there is nothing a good pair of argyle wool socks and a coat cannot mend.

Street style meets nerd. Trousers stay up (wonder how long they are going to keep it up) and waists do the same. Fits loosen up to give that air of illness to the skinny community. The outfits do not thrill me as a whole but as separate pieces the garments are priceless.

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I'm off.


Myriam said...

Ooooh the first collection j'adore!
I'll send you a petit mail btw!

Goncho said...

your blog is absolutely gorgeous.

Coco's Tea Party said...

The blue jacket is lurrrvly. If I had a boyfriend I would ask him to wear it lol.

Frida Maria Eriksson said...

Oh thank you Iñaki!
Love the post, it's very you!

Jacky said...

awsome blog, loving it. drop by my blog if your free

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

i love all of this! so adorable.