Monday, January 18

the copper globes

It has been a while since any award gala succeeded in getting to a fashionista's heart. And this year Golden Globes has been no different. However, I have come to the conclusion that if you will fail to even be vaguely fashion-forward you might as well stick to the classics.
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Drew Barrymore has very much blossomed into a very interesting fashion personality. This Versace is not only on trend for next season but the bulgy detailing on the shoulder and hip add that edge she always needs. Emily Blunt, however, went for something a bit more restrained yet very gripping because of the way the fabric has been wrapped around. Plus, that haircut is a keeper.
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Maggie Gyllenhall might or might not be aware that she doesn't have the most gifted face in Hollywood but she certainly knows how to compensate. Again, the subdued detailing makes her Roland Mouret captivating. Sandra Bullock gave me a big surprise. I loved how Coco's Tea Party chose her dress as the most unexpected colour, it is all about the hue.
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Black doesn't really ever go wrong. I love how January Jones was one of the few to choose a high neckline. It made her Lanvin kind of intriguing and her casual hair-do added to that. Julia Roberts looked quite alluring in a very straightforward version of the LBD and the fact that she went into the YSL archive to get it really gives her bonus point in my book.
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I was sad to hear from my flatmate that Julianne Moore was in the worst dressed list. My favourite moment of the night was when Tom Ford was asked if he approved of her dress and he almost spit out a "duh", noting that he is very good friends with Nicolas Ghesquière. And, of course, Ashley (the future Mrs. soVIPzone) in a flirtatious electric blue Erdem that takes my breath way. She also wore the Manolos from Sex and The City, which only gives me more ideas of how to propose.
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I'm off.


Tala Samman said...


I actually just finished myfashdiary's Golden Globe picks which will be posted tomorrow :p

Love the picks, and Ashley Olsen looks beautiful.

Tala x

K said...

ashley looks perfect. as per.

and i love julianne's dress, her earrings are gorgeous too.