Monday, October 18

The Princess Diaries

It was only 9 years ago that Anne Hathaway first starred on 'The Princess Diaries' where she played a geeky scruffy girl that found out she was in fact a princess and so she had to be coiffed to fit the part. A story, it seems, not so far from her real personal one as a 19-year-old actress that blossomed into a glamourous and beautiful movie star. Her style transformation became more evident after her famous role as Andrea in 'The Devil wears Prada'. That was, I believe, about the same time when Anne brought Rachel Zoe into the picture. An tandem that resulted in incredible red carpet moments. The latest is this editorial below. Shot by Mario Testino and styled by Tonne Goodman for American Vogue. What I like the most about it is how straightforward it is. There is a beautiful face with classic dresses and jewellery and it simply works because it's just beautiful. There isn't a need for edginess or complex settings or lights. Well, and it's shot by Mario. Pictures like these bring me back to the ground as I realise that there is more to fashion than only looking forward, not matter what Anna might say.
I'm off.


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E. said...

FLOVE this. I stan for Anne, both as an actress and a fashion almost-icon. The shots are beautiful, but I almost get a Lesley Caron/"Gigi" feeling more so than an Audrey/Breakfast at Tiffany's one.

No matter, I'll be buying my 1st US Vogue is eons.