Monday, July 4

Mystery Resolved- It was Giamba
Yesterday, on my post for Harper's Bazaar España, I wondered who had designed the dress that Charlotte Casiraghi wore to his uncle's wedding reception.
I then toyed with the idea that it might be Valentino because I highly doubted it was Chanel at all. But now the mystery is resolved.

Gaimbattista Valli unveiled his first ever Haute Couture collection only a few minutes ago in Paris and Charlotte's dress was one of the last ones to walk the runway. Both dresses are absolutely identical and they both include the cape I'm so keen on. The only difference is Charlotte's belt, my favourite part of her accessories, which was borrowed from a different look from the collection. The red number from the catwalk show actually finds inspiration from an unexpected place: the traditional attire worn by the cardinals of the Catholic church. The designer did a sexy take on this robe and even included the traditional skullhat.

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