Monday, August 22

Big & Neutral Frames- Hot or Not
1. Prada @ Net-a-Porter, 2. Peter Pilotto @ Linda Farrow, 3. The Row @ Linda Farrow, 4. Eley Kishimoto @ Linda Farrow, 5. Dries Van Noten @ Linda Farrow
I loved Anne Hathaway's look for her John Stewart appearance. The white Balmain Resort 2012, Elvis t-shirt and black flared trousers were rock and roll and very chic –and had Rachel Zoe's name all over them.
What I liked most about the look were the sunglasses –vintage looking, with a big frame in white not unlike the famous Giles' ones. I have always been very much against white shoes, bags and glasses frames. They're very tricky to make and even harder to pull off. But Anne looked so great in them!

I started to think whether the really big shape could be what makes the shades so chic. Sunglasses have been getting bigger and bigger but in a different way than a few years ago. Lenses are staying the same size and it's the frames that are getting super chunky, which makes their colour and design more noticeable.
This is a trend that I am a lot more in favour. The Olsens have been sporting sunnies like these for years and, of course, launched a few models of the like for the upcoming season of The Row.
I found that Linda Farrow has the best choices, especially in their designer collaboration lines –Peter Pilotto, The Row, Eley Kishimoto, Dries Van Noten.

Are you a fan?

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