Thursday, September 29

Gossip Girl Fashion- Season 5 kicks off with a Bang!
I was quite excited for Gossip Girl's return this week. I always get this feeling in September after being deprived of my main source of entertainment during the summer. And the first episode did not disappoint.

Before I go on I would just like to warn that
there are spoilers ahead
so don't blame me if I spoil it.

My favourite two things about this episode were Blair and the Serena-Chuck-Nate triangle in LA.

Blair seems to have become a lot sexier and cooler over the summer. She delights us with 4 or 5 changes of clothes during the episode and each is better than the next! I was thrilled to see the only Oscar de La Renta look I liked from the SS11 collection but my favourite for the jewel print mini dress by Moschino Cheap & Chic. That is exactly the vibe the stylist should be aiming at for Blair!

While Blair stayed in NYC Serena, Nate and Chuck went away to LA. I really loved the dynamics they've got going on in this episode –very chilled and grown up. And I am also very much into their styles, which have also relaxed. I also really enjoyed all their New Yorker references to LA, they make it sound like they're in a different country!
GGS5E01b, Roger Vivier
Mr Porter
The best dressed guy in the episode is obviously Chuck. You know how much I love his style. And I like it now even more. The tan biker jacket (Ralph Lauren, if I'm not mistaken) and neckerchief give him a kind of vintage air and feels current and rock'n'roll. It reminded me a lot of Leo Dicaprio's style from The Aviator, though his jacket was Belstaff.
What I do not understand is how he is not absolutely roasting in that jacket if it's the summer. But hey, he's not the only guy who sacrifices comfort to look good. A man must have his priorities in order!

I am intrigued to see if he keeps up this cool flair once he's back to New York or if he'll go back to his purple shirts and red ties. In the meantime, he really needs to get that bruise looked at. How can you get one of those and not realise until a day after?

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