Thursday, November 24

Gossip Girl Fashion- ‘All the Pretty Sources’
We're not even halfway through season 5 of Gossip Girl but even without watching the rest I would dare say this is the best look! Serena wears one of the best pieces from Mary Katranzou's SS11 collection for Blair's shower. I can't tell you how excited I was to see this. It was something I didn't see coming (which is brilliant!) and also something that suits Blake's character so well. Not to mention how occassion-appropriate the dress was. I also have to say that I loved the accessorising –the über-long pearl necklace, the patchwork Louboutin heels (which wouldn't work in another scenario) and the super cute messy pony tail tied up in a pink bow. This is the best Serena has looked in all of this season! Hopefully we will get to see her in some of the incredible pieces Katrantzou created for FW11 and (my favourite) SS12, that would just make me so happy!
I am so ecstatic about this look I will not even mention how overdressed Serena's day outfit was. Ha!
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I think I've figured out what's wrong with Blair's styling as of late. All the necklines of everything she wears are very off. All the garments also happen to be quite loose around the waist so perhaps they're trying to give her a 'pregnant look' to go along with the plot? I wish they looked at Beyoncé or Nicole Richie for examples of how to dress pregnant. Even Victoria Beckham!
I really disliked B's day look in this episode. It was way too fussy even though the pieces individually were quite nice –I loved the Alberta Ferretti dress and the Moschino jacket but not together! And I wish they stopped doing head pieces! The evening look was a lot nicer, fun and very Blair. It gave her an odd flat chest but at least it was sexy and different!


Coco's Tea Party said...

I've got back into Gossip Girl recently and feel like the wardrobe (as well as the story lines) have got a lot better this season. Still enjoying this weekly post as always!

kellina said...

I was SO thinking of you when Serena entered wearing Mary Katrantzou last week! Can't wait to see the fashion ups and downs tonight and looking forward to your comments!