Wednesday, November 16

Gossip Girl Fashion- ‘The Big Sleep No More’
Last week I eventually decided against posting about Gossip Girl because I didn't have time to do it for Wednesday/Thursday and, to be honest, the fashion wasn't that notable anyway. This week's 'The Big Sleep No More' episode isn't particularly exciting fashion-wise but at least there's a couple of changes of clothes for every character. Even Serena!
Blair had a big big miss and quite a hit in this episode. The miss was her day look. I don't know if they're getting too much inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge but it's not working. The headpiece is completely out of place and even though I love the Dolce & Gabbana dress the thick black tights really spoil the vibe. I did appreciate the details, though. I love the Roger Vivier 'Diligence' bag and the cuff and the Phillip Lim shoes are super chic. The hit was her evening look –an embellished cocktail number by Oscar de la Renta that needed no extra accessorising. Alas, this better look is only in the episode for a short time.
My only question is, why isn't anyone wearing a coat? This is supposed to be New York in November.
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Once again Serena (and when I say Serena I really mean the show's stylist, but you get the idea) was the best dressed this week. Not because she's trying particularly hard but because everyone else is looking so rubbish. Especially Charlie/Ivy. I have no words for her day look. It's like she's trying to be Serena on a budget and with a flat annoying face. I am only hoping that the cute M Missoni cardigan she wore this week is the beginning of slightly better fashion choices. Her evening dress I could have not minded were it not for the tacky flower details at the bottom of the skirt. Could someone put in a request for a wonder bra for her?
Serena's day look was very her. I am starting to get a bit tired of these boho city looks, though. Start wearing winter wear, it's bloody November! Serena is a huge Mulberry fan, I gather, and this week she's trying out the 'Harriet' bag, which she paired with a stunning statement necklace and a pair of studded burgundy Brian Atwoods that I loved. Her Moschino evening moment was so sexy. Not many people could pull off that many details on a dress but she looks very elegant and young. I simply love it!

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Best of Dress said...

You do SUCH an amazing job on these posts! It's candy for the eyes. In other news, in a perfect world, those 3.1 Philip Lim shoes would be mine. le sigh.