Thursday, February 2

Gossip Girl Fashion- ‘G.G.’ – The 100th Episode
Gossip Girl Fashion: 'G.G.' – The 100th Episode,,
This week's episode of Gossip Girl was a special one not only because the one and only Blair Waldorf is finally getting married but also because the show celebrated its 100th episode. It's kind of crazy to think we've been watching for 5 years now!
I can honestly say this episode is anything but disappointing, which is refreshing after the last couple of episodes. Fashion-wise it was interesting to say the least as bridal attire can go either way just by adding a bow or a lace sleeve. I loved Blair's Vera Wang dress even though I expected something slightly more... grand. I missed the original lace top and I would have gone for a more classic hair style, perhaps done up rather than wavy and down –that wasn't very Blair.
As it often happens, Serena looked better than her BFF. Also in Vera Wang Bridal, S looked really stunning in pale pink. I loved the detail of the bustier covered with chiffon and tied at the shoulder. The sort of beehive hair was also perfect, a tad Chanel, no?
Otherwise, everyone looked great at the wedding, even the 'cupcake trio' (see below) who looked a bit like upside down roses also in Vera Wang –she got a pretty sweet advertorial deal, right?
Even with plenty of drama and a wedding going on I would say the highlight of the episode was the beginning. There is nothing I love more than a classic GG moment of a character's dream. This time Serena dreams up the iconic Marilyn moment singing about her sparkly best friends. This soon turns into some sort of surreal yet brilliant face-off with Audrey Hepburn (Blair) who fights her to get Dan. The funniest bit is looking at the boy's faces –Nate and Chuck really crack up at some point and Dan looks totally into it.
Random as this moment was I can't think of two glamourous and iconic characters that go so well with the characters' personalities. Maybe they should do a special episode of everyone in costume? A sort of Gossip Girl version of 'Midnight in Paris'? I would LOVE that!

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