Monday, April 30

Best Dressed of the Weekend- The Day Looks
Best Dressed of the Weekend: The Day Looks
I always tend to find 'casual' celebrity style a bit more interesting than what they wear on the red carpet. I think it's because it feels somewhat less calculated. This week there is quite a mix of styles in this respect.
Kim Kardashian is looking great lately. I feel like Kanye is giving her advice on what to wear and how to wear it. She's been wearing simpler outfits and looking more... natural. I am loving this all-black look, especially the mixture of textures and the open-front leather boots. The chignon, cat-eye sunnies and the chunky chain necklace add a great rock touch.
Mila Kunis, who I haven't been seeing around for a while, was looking great at CinemaCon. The basic tee and jeans look super chic with the peep-toe pumps and the cropped white tux jacket.
Jessica Alba is always of my favourites on and off the red carpet. She has such a ease to wear things and look young and elegant. This time she wore black cuffed slacks with chic patent leather black pumps, her favourite Prada bag, a sheer black blazer and added a pop of colour (so on trend!) with a muted fluoro top.

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