Sunday, December 2

DECK yourself with glamy goodies

December has already joined the party and that means that the Holidays —my favourite ones, I must say— are getting closer. Endless events and get-togethers will take place then, and why not using them to show off your beloved accessories of the season? In addition to a time of joy and lack of work activities, this must be the moment to get on those trendy pumps you've barely used so far or to dress your neck with the ridiculously expensive necklace you couldn't help buying.
I have put together a list of my preferred items for this time of the year. Christmas is a different moment and, therefore, it deserves special accessorizing.

For me, there is no elegant event without some Armani around. Girogio Armani has the richest shoes, clutches and jewlery.

Your feet deserve a treat, and what other could that be besides Christian Louboutin?

Gucci masters black and has a bit of an Italian-casual breeze of air that always matches your dresses.

If you prefer to be the most fashion-daring of the party, go McQueen. It screams rich, daring and confident.

Try out some Salvatore Ferragamo with those jeans you reserve for comfortable special occasions.

There is a reason you always have some Ralph Lauren in your wardrobe, now is the time to show them around.

Balenciaga shouldn't miss a party, it's the protagonist of the season!

There's never a party without a glimpse of Chanel, they're broad accessory selection makes it just right for tonight's gathering.

You have Marc Jacobs in your heart, why not on yourself too?

Go beyond and wear Burberry Prorsum's item of the season.

For a bit quieter selection of items take a look at these:

Stella McCartney

Oscar de la Renta

Bottega Veneta

Giuseppe Zanotti


Roberto Cavalli

[Credit Photos:, and designer's webpages]

I'm off.


Palo!your sis! said...

Algo de esto sera mi regalo de navidad no??
Si no te decantas por algo, te ayudo...o el collar de Chanel(es espectacular) o los Christian Louboutin cualquiera de los dos modelos vale??LOL!


Coco's Tea Party said...

shoes.... shoes.... shoes
i love them so much!!!
And I agree about Hayden, she's good in a blah way
She was in Raising Helen.... Enough said?

p.s your blog is AMAZING!!!

Miu Miu's Atelier said...

love the shoes!! and the stella mccartney's are spectacular in fuschia

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Did I mention I am extremely picky?

Gorgeous Chanel, gorgeous everything.

Well done. Linked!


Vintage Bunny said...

I truly wish I had money!!!