Tuesday, July 8

dress the GUILDS

You have been seeing several S/S 2009 menswear posts throughout the last few weeks and I am quite sure you will agree they are remarkably interesting to say the least. It seems men’s fashion is on its way to be considered as an equal in the eyes of womenswear. Alas, it might still be a little while until that moment comes but in the meantime we can enjoy the process of the little baby growing up to be a handsome (stylish) man.

S/S’09 is a season for the fashioning of guilds. Bizarre as it sounds; if you have a look at the pictures below it will actually make total sense. Everyone from cowboys to fishermen can experience a trendy summer and we can copy.

Modernity filters down to peasant fashion made in Burberry. Necklines go down and cardigans elongate to cover a bit more of tailored and denim pants. The thinnest fabrics appear in earth colours, cut in comfortable and well-looking fits. Rain hats are renewed to culminate the looks.

Gaultier put together the sort of collection that seems not only nuts but also impossible to pull off and then, when looked at for a second time, configures perfectly in your brain until you come to love it. Chequers and marine striped make an appearance on t-shirts and blazers but also on socks. Just like most of the other summer’09 collections Gaultier plays with layering rolling up jacket sleeves and crops pants to show the shirts and socks underneath.

It looks like hats are the next big thing for next summer. Ann Demeulemeester takes them to the next level, taking us back to Salem times when cheese-makers spent long ours under the shining sun. Trousers shorten up while sheer and baggy shirts make their way down to the knee.

Yes, it might seem you’re looking at creations from the hand of Sir Paul Smith. Don’t be fooled. Junya Watanabe is responsible for dressing the modern ice-cream men. Blue and red striped blazers are the clear protagonists although the most brilliant of features is the way Watanabe plays around with white and different shades of beige. Pants widen roll up and, again, hats get their way. Cream-colour trilby hats are everywhere.

Fishermen are not forgotten. Miharayasuhiro uses sailor vests over white shirts and bait hooks on tank tops. The latter have a certain medieval air, like a revival of the chain mail. Trousers starting as jeans and soon transforming into black chinos are my favourite thing about this collection.


This finishes up the posts about S/S 2009 menswear. Hope you have enjoyed them.

[Pictures credit: Style.com]

I'm off.


riz said...

HA! Guilds, great font! I personally am smitten with Watanabe!

Ray TETAUIRA said...

its makin me smile to see u consider Miharayasuhiro collection as a kind of depiction of a fisherman !! if so, i'd fishing everyday !!

Myriam said...

I'd love to have an ice cream man!!

Coco's Tea Party said...

Ha ha I love the cheese makers.
This post is beyond funny!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Ha-ha, great comparisons. I think I like fishermen the best. I don't need anymore cowboys though!

Winnie said...

Ha ha, I love this post. Your categories are spot on!

Guirec Munier said...

U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion week !

See u !

thesil said...

Certainly men´s fashion is the little brother of the great female runways.
Thank goodness, blogs as yours exist and we can give an opinion about that.
Personally, I love Burberry looks and, lately, YSL looks. I specially love Pilati´s style as you could read in my blog.

Danz said...

Hehe, the Peasant look is my favourite!

Iheartfashion said...

Nice wrap-up!

Paul Pincus said...

this was really excellent ; )

i like peasants.

hila said...

Thanks for all you posts on S/S 2009, I really enjoyed them. Particularly these ones; but perhaps more so for the pictures of pretty men than for the clothes :)

Sebastian Perinotti said...

i loved the Gaultier collection!

Fashion Is Poison said...